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Why do you need IELTS ?

Universities in western countries has to ensure the candidate they provide admission for the courses at their educational institute, should have the ability to understand English during the lectures as all the Professors and tutors will be from native English speaking countries and eventually they lectures will be in English alone; in addition to that, they also should be capable of having good writing skills in English language as there will be many assignments which are to be submitted along with some thesis and dissertation while they submit their project.


Becoming an IELTS tutor does not merely depend on the IELTS score of a person as more nuances, tips and teaching method of IELTS should be well versed to them. They also should have patience in making the students understand the modules and clarify their doubts then and there without hesitation. Further they also should be experienced in handling the students and make the class well organized and interesting as if the candidates feel bored, they will not be attentive and this will in turn lead to scoring less band than they are capable of.

Improving IELTS reading

Candidates who take the IELTS exam always have a perception that reading module is the toughest of all the four modules which is just an illusion as our candidates felt reading module as an easy one to score band 9. Reading module is usually practiced with the IELTS materials alone by the candidates and by various other institutes; this is where we stand unique. We generally provide students with many articles in English transcripts and make them read then later skim, and finally guess the meaning of some vocabulary for which they find hard to seek the meaning.

IELTS examiners

Candidates mostly think of whether the assessments of the writing and speaking transcripts are carried out in a genuine manner as some score a less band even after continuous hard works and some score more after less effort which leads to a thinking on the authenticity of the examiners` skill. Becoming an IELTS examiner is a very difficult process and involves various skills being assessed and even the eligibility criteria is set for a degree holder and with teaching experience.

Accent for IELTS speaking

There is a common assumption that accent plays a major role in IELTS assessment whereas on the contrary it is not. Accent is important only during the listening process as the candidate should have the ability to identify and understand the pronunciation of the words and letters played in the transcript. Some letters have pronunciation of phonetics especially letter ‘a’ will be pronounced in the manner of ‘i' which actually follows the pronunciation of ‘ai’.

Preferable score of IELTS

Universities around the world demand a score of more than band 6 in all four modules and an overall score of band 7 for admission. Candidates need to fulfill this requirement to get an admission seat at prestigious colleges else the colleges of low ranking alone would suffix their need. Scoring band 6 in overall in academic reading module will be a result of hard work and the candidates should be a competent English user.

IELTS test advice

IELTS candidates are to be taught with nuances for scoring higher band of more than 7 in all the four modules such as listening, reading, writing and speaking as practice alone will not be sufficient for those who need band score of more than 7. Candidates needs to know the tips for not getting panic during the exam especially in the listening module as most of them panic when they miss one answer and eventually this will result in missing the subsequent answers.

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