Reading strategy for an overall band 8


Good level of reading skills

You must have outstanding reading abilities in order to get a good 8 band score, and you can develop these skills by reading a lot of books, periodicals, journals, and newspapers to enhance your English. For this, you should primarily concentrate on developing your grammar and vocabulary, try to understand the connection between the two sentences provided, and also be able to employ the passage's keywords effectively.

The question has the answer

This means that it will be simpler to respond to a certain question if you fully comprehend it. You should leave yourself five minutes at the beginning to prepare for the answer. It is preferable to read the text and the questions before actually composing the answer.

Identify the difference between skimming & scanning

In the reading test, you must be able to distinguish between skimming and scanning. These phrases may be found on any IELTS reading blog and website. Skimming entails swiftly reading the content to obtain a general sense of it. You must be able to scan a text fast just by looking at the headline to gain a general notion of what it is about. Scannable refers to selecting and describing in depth the keywords you believe to be significant. If you possess both of these abilities, you will be able to manage your time effectively and perform well on the IELTS exam.

Maximum time to be spent for a question

If you are unable to determine which response should be provided in response to a certain query. Skip to the next question and don't spend too much time trying to figure out the solution to that one by yourself. You can return at the conclusion when more time is allowed to analyse the solutions and attempt to determine what the solution is. It's critical to effectively manage your time because if you get bogged down in the first passage, you risk losing a lot of marks because you only have 40 minutes to respond to the questions. It's best to respond to each question in under a minute.

Topic specific vocabulary

The language used in the reading sections is crucial, and it will vary depending on the topic. Therefore, you must use caution when you study the terminology. If you've taken a lot of practise reading tests, you may have noticed that some subjects and vocabulary also tend to repeat. Time spent on topics is never wasted because you will be well-prepared if the same subject is covered in the IELTS exam you take.


Task achievement / response

The ideas that you want to explain in your essay must be understandable by the examiner only then you will be able to get an 8 band score. If the test taker is excellent in english and is able to explain the ideas in detail he will definitely get band 8 in the exam and also you should write an essay of at least 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2.

Coherence & Cohesion

The examiner will be looking for an answer that is simple to read, and you should be able to provide a flawless response. A paragraph with original content and a few connectors that are not frequently utilised by anybody else are also required in order to receive an 8 band grade

Lexical resource

If you want to achieve a band score of 8, you must also consider the extensive vocabulary that the examiner anticipates. He will require you to use high level words in your sentences. However, if you are familiar with high level words but are unsure of how to use them effectively, studying them will be useless. So if you want to receive an 8 band score, keep these points in mind.

Grammar accuracy

While writing the essay, you must be careful to avoid big mistakes; nevertheless, minor mistakes are acceptable. The grammar utilized in the sentence construction is also checked by the examiner; if you want to receive an 8-band grade, your grammar must be outstanding and your statement must be original.

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