Need of Hindi Grammar

Knowing the Hindi grammar is essential since using this you can learn to speak, write and understand the language. For learning Hindi grammar, it is classified into three divisions that are, firstly knowing the alphabets (which are the vowels and consonants’ similarly like the other languages like a, ba, sa etc.), secondly the words (such as two letters, three words and so on with appropriate meaning) and lastly small sentence making by combining these words. Though there are alphabets and grammar in every language, each has its own specialty. Similarly in Hindi grammar the importance and special point is it consists of Sanskrit as it base. Most of the grammar is originated and related to Sanskrit language but in some way it also possesses other style.
The way of spelling and sounding is essential for every human being. Even animals use sounds for communication such as dog barks and cat purrs. Not only humans and animals, sound is applicable to every other things that includes birds, water etc. The grammar is only useful to us and we need to communicate using proper sentences and let others understand via words. Spellings depend upon the words and words arise from the resonances or sounds. The body language and manners of communication are similar between all the beings but languages vary. Not only has this, the phrases and compositions in each language differed. Apart from human, the sound of communication is similar among various other breeds of living organisms.
Initially to start writing a language, learn to write the letters and then words correctly. Simply try to make proper short meaningful sentences. Never confuse with the noun or verb all of a sudden. Start executing one by one such as make sentences with pronoun word ‘my’ and be thorough with it before switching to the next word. This is a general mistake people do due to curiosity or unclear ideas. So always start with letters and in Hindi, there are 13 vowels and 37 consonants (the number of consonants varies according to the inclusion of exceptional letters). These vowels are then converted into symbols to combine with the consonants to form a separate letter and are called barahkhadi that is, ‘12 vowels symbols + consonant letters’. Why 12 because one of the vowel is used as a letter itself and not as converted form of symbol. Including these letters there are few exceptional and double consonant letters (used for stressing a words). Such as exceptional letters are the combination of two consonants forming a separate single letter and for double consonant letter the examples are like using ‘tt in matter’, ‘ll in billi’, etc.
These are the few portions that one will have to concentrate in the starting. This might even take some time depending upon the learning capability of the person. After learning this you can shift over to the words and once you are capable of framing and understanding words that involve verb, noun and symbols then you will feel easy with the language. While trying to speak, knowing a language completely will help in translating the known language into Hindi. For example, most of the places people prefer to convert the English which is the common language into the Hindi translations. Thus to learn languages not only Hindi, if you are sure with all the grammar part of the English or the native language you can steadfastly learn many other if passionate or interested. Although Hindi to learn grammar, it is comparatively an easiest language among all the other languages. There are very few words related to the tenses. That’s why everywhere you are guaranteed with a package of learning the language within or maximum 60 days of ti

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