Advantages of Spoken Hindi

In our Nation India, students coming out of college either go to private sector jobs or government. That too, central government jobs like railways, telecom, nuclear power department, space research, banking, civil services, agricultural research etc. Teaching in central government CBSE schools and institutions like IIT &IIM also getting more importance among graduates. Getting jobs in PSUs and Central government jobs involves competitive exams including written test and face to face interview. Interview panel prefer those candidates with written or at least spoken Hindi due to various reasons. First any central government job is transferrable across any part of India. So if a candidate can speak Hindi, it would be easy for him/ her to adapt to any work place. Another even a candidate works in Southern part in a central government sector, he / she will have to interact with many north Indian colleagues and superiors who knows only Hindi or give preference to Hindi communication. As for as civil servants and central government doctors are concerned they have to interact with common people to know their day to day problems. Without knowledge of Hindi, it would be very much difficult to interact with common man in North India. Also spoken Hindi plays a vital role in tourism. When we host North Indians in south India’s tourist places, knowledge of Hindi does crucial role in hospitality. Even a south India who travels to North India to visit historical monuments like Tajmahal or Rashtrapati Bhavan will find it very easy if he / she know Hindi. By considering all of these advantages, Prestige Institute offers student various courses in Spoken Hindi. Once you think about spoken Hindi classes in Pondicherry, you can’t afford discard the high quality service of prestige Institute. Our well qualified, experienced and friendly faculty make you to speak in Hindi comfortable from very beginning.

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