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An Introduction

English has become an inseparable part of life. Any job seeker needs English to perform well in Interviews in addition to his / her technical expertise. English as like every language has four components reading, writing, listening and speaking. Among these four, spoken English is a vital requirement in a corporate atmosphere. It’s required to enter a reputed organization. It is needed to become an effective team leader or manager as one ascends through hierarchy. At school level , a student needs to understand English well to understand subjects as most opt for English medium only now a day. We are best among many Spoken English classes in Pondicherry. Having considered Tamil medium background of many students we teach spoken English in Tamil as and when required. We have realized “Learn English through Tamil” is not a bad idea for beginners. Our spoken English class covers basic grammar, vocabulary, group discussion, presentation, interview skills etc. You can speak English fluently in three to four months after joining our spoken English classes in Pondicherry.

Some of the benefits of being a proficient English speaker are
  • Better comprehension of study materials
  • Better communication among peers
  • Ability to communicate with the world at large as English is a world language
  • Better employment opportunities as your language skill is directly related to your presentation skill
  • Digital literacy – as many computer software are written in English, etc.
Prestige Language Institute, Pondicherry offers a number of courses in English which are customized to accommodate the needs and requirements of its clients.
  • Business English for professionals
  • Spoken English and communication skills for job seekers
  • Spoken English and grammar for school / college students

One needs to be good at E-mail Etiquettes too to act as a good business man. Lacking in good communication means loss of opportunities. English speaking and writing is much easier to learn as compared to the other languages of world. If you go work hard you can do it quite easily. It is so easy that you can't ever imagine, if you do it with all your passion and efforts. Learning English isn't just about communication or professional purpose, it will also give you advantages you had never imagined. Learning English can change your life completely for the better future.

We teach
  • Basic Grammar
  • Effective communication
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Telephonic manners
  • Sentence formation
  • Translation
We also teach
Advanced Vocabulary Advanced English
Voice & Accent training American English
Business communication Public speaking
Interview preparation Soft skills
Our teaching tools
Audio & Video presentations Sample assignments
Group Discussions Mock sessions
Our courses cover
1 Basics: Noun, pronoun, (personal, possessive etc), Verbs(Regular & irregular) Assignment & speech practice
2 Components of sentence(preposition, adjective, adverbs, conjunction) Assignment & speech practice
3 Tenses( present, past, future etc) Assignment & speech practice
4 Active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech Assignment & speech practice
5 Power speaking, public speaking Assignment & speech practice
6 Body language, phonetics Assignment & speech practice
7 Listening skills Assignment & speech practice
8 Reading skills Assignment & speech practice
9 Speaking skills Assignment & speech practice
10 Writing skills Assignment & speech practice
11 Vocabulary practice Assignment & speech practice
12 Self-evaluation Assignment & speech practice


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Spoken English Classes in Pondicherry

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