Supporting paragraph for the IELTS writing task one academic

Task 1 in academic writing will be a formal report on graphical representation of an image which can be a graph like bar, line or pie chart or a flow diagram. The formal report should be of 150 words and should be well organized with three paragraphs, out of which introduction and conclusion is a must. Then supporting evidence should be given in middle of it. Candidates should ensure that the body part of this task 1 academic is rich in vocabulary and full of different types of sentence structure. Since it is a graphical representation of data, candidates usually use simple sentence which will not provide them a band score of more than 5. To score band 9, interpretations and comparisons should be made entirely throughout the body part.
To make comparisons, candidates must incorporate words such as more than, lesser than, when compared to, in relation with and so on. It`s then complex and compound sentences will be framed in the body part which in turn will yield band 9 for the candidates. Furthermore, candidates should also use many linking phrases in each sentence so that the sentences are coordinating with each and other. Task 1 academic is a formal report so it should not have any words of personal pronoun as it being an academic report. The data mentioned in the image should be covered as much as possible to the maximum and priority should be given to highest and lowest and then the remaining. Prestige institute offers coaching classes to learn the above tactics and strategies.


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