Supporting paragraph for the IELTS writing essay

Supporting paragraphs of writing task two irrespective of it being general or academic, should be not more than two or three. If the questions are regarding advantages and disadvantages or agree and disagree, two paragraphs are enough whereas if it being regarding problems causes and solution, it can have three paragraphs for each. Each paragraph should be well organized with the first sentence being topic sentence with no linking words as it should be an individual one and do not depend on any other sentence. The first sentence also should provide basic information to the examiner about the content of that respective paragraph. Second sentence of the paragraph should provide additional information regarding the points mentioned in the first sentence as IELTS always need a justification instead of mentioning the points alone as this will give more strength to the content. Later an example for the explained point could be given to paragraph as it will add more weightage to the justification of it. Same can be repeated again for explaining second point in the same paragraph. This structure can be followed for second paragraph too as the pattern will be well organized and make the examiner understand it clearly. After completing the paragraph, check for errors in spelling and grammatical ones, and then check whether except the topic sentence, all the remaining sentences are started with linking words because, this linking words help in coordination of the paragraphs. The entire points mentioned above are taught during the coaching classes conducted by Prestige institute by real IELTS examiners.


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