How to speak English confidently

To speak in English is an easy task, but to speak it confidently takes a lot of practice and patience. Anyone can start speaking in English .The main task of a spoken English tutor is to instill confidence in a student and support them to speak English fluently. They could comprehend what the other person is talking about and reply accordingly with an appropriate answer. Talking in English and talking in English confidently is different, some could hide their fear and go to have a conversation, but the main problem why the fear occurs is, they are not “confident” about their speaking is correct or not, whether they are using the grammar properly. Most of the problem in grammar when we speak in English is the confusion using the preposition. Vocabulary also plays a major role and same goes to the pronunciation of words affects the fluency .All these confusion and chaos occurs in the mind of an individual at the same moment when they speak in English and so their level of confidence decreases.

There is no difficulty speaking in English fluently .When fluency takes place confidence level also arises within us while we converse in English. The initial practice to speak proper English is to speak loud and clear even if you make mistakes the practice of speaking loudly and clearly should not be stopped. There are ways to do this activity. For example an individual can stand in front of a mirror and speak to themselves or recording their speech also makes them to improve their speaking skills and makes them to be aware of what they speak and how they speak .When you stand in front of a mirror and speak you will know how you are speaking. Your expressions and body language all counts if you want to speak confidently in English. When we speak to a large group of people sometimes we tend to look down or elsewhere to hide our fear this appears that we are not confident in what we are speaking so whenever we give a speech or have a conversation we need to look in the eyes and speak this gains confidence in ourselves. We somehow try to focus on one concept for a very long time .When we speak so before we speak, we need to know what we are going to speak and how the different ways to convey our thoughts to others are.

We tend to repeat the words we speak. This is because of the lack of vocabulary or sometimes we know the words but we do not know how to use them while we are speaking, in order overcome this difficulty one should read a lot and practice the words as they learn. When they read books only through regular use of the words they can remember how to use them in appropriate situations. There are times we tend keep revolving around the same concept over and over again ,when we give our speech this will only make the people who listen to you that you are out of ideas, or words ,sentences. This only leads to boredom to the listener and so ultimately the speaker begins to stammer when the audience do not focus on the speech so to avoid this one should develop the spontaneous way of speaking no matter what we are supposed to speak we should also use new vocabulary and pronounce each words efficiently, all these makes our speech and the way we speak in English fluently leads the us to speak in English confidently in a proficient manner . PrestigeSpoken English classes in Pondicherry offers you the bets spoken English coaching so that you can excel in speaking English


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