Scoring good marks in reading & listening

How to score good marks in listening

Listening is the easiest part of the IELTS test. It will be conducted for forty minutes where for thirty minutes an English transcript will be played followed by ten minutes for transferring your answers to the answer sheet. Most candidates usually score lesser band if they panic during the hearing transcript for which; we, at our Prestige institute train them to practice test under exact test scenario. Students who have attended our practice tests and mock tests have scored band more than 7.5 in the listening test. The more you are prone to watching English transcripts a month before the test date, the more likely you are to score above band 8 in IELTS.
Candidates are also trained here to concentrate on both British and American accent as well. Spelling and Grammar plays a vital role here, for which candidates are taught the tips and tricks for aiming to higher band score. 90% of our candidates have scored band 9 in listening whereas the minimum score being 7.5. Candidates are practiced with more than 50 mock tests for listening at our institute and the mistakes they commit are analyzed with the hurdles they face which leave them being confident in scoring more than 7 band.


Crack reading part of IELTS

Reading test which is conducted for 60 minutes with no extra time for transferring the answers to the answer sheet unlike listening proves to be toughest part in the IELTS exam. Due to time constraint, candidates even though has practiced well, has scored lesser band due to which separate sessions for scanning and skimming is delivered to our students. Scanning and skimming plays a major share in scoring a band of more than 7 in IELTS.
Understanding the vocabulary in the three given sections of IELTS reading is where students lag and this part needs more training and concentration as the more we understand the vocabulary, it will be easier for us to score a band of 8. IELTS reading differs between General and Academic, where the former will have passages related to non-academic context such as about labor regulations; and the latter has context related to academic such as about an animal or historical monuments.


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