Language Classes and Spoken English – An Overview

Every living being on earth survives by interacting with one another and with its environment. Birds and animals do not use words to communicate with each other. Instead they use various sounds, instinct and body language to understand each other. Though we, humans also use these while communicating, sometimes they may not convey the right message. This is where the gift of language comes into play. Humans are the only beings that are capable of language. We use language in order to communicate our feelings, thoughts and ideas to others. Therefore it is very important that one is well versed in his/her language and communication skills to convey the right message to the world.

Language is a vehicle which provides an individual the ability to express himself / herself to others.
India is a land of many languages. Though English is a foreign language, it is one of the most spoken languages in the country. It is used in many educational institutions, public and private administrative offices throughout the country. English is taught in many private schools from the Montessori level but, the standard of English has lessened so drastically that when students finish school they are unable to effectively communicate and present their thoughts and ideas in a manner that is considered adequate by employers. This is due to the negligence in the over populated classrooms of our school today. English has become the link language not only between the states of our country but also between many other countries. So for this reason it is necessary for an individual to be able to communicate in English correctly.
Language classes for English conversation in Pondicherry are available for individuals of all ages. For school children language class aids them in improving their listening, reading and writing skills to enhance their understanding and performance not only in the English subject but in other subjects like science, history, geography, etc., as well. For college students and job seekers, language classes are available to improve their spoken and presentation skills to aid them in academic seminars, conferences, public speeches and interviews.
Prestige Language Institute offers language courses in both English and Hindi as Hindi is gradually become mandatory in schools and in quite a few business sectors. The courses involve classes in both spoken as well as written language. Well trained and experienced teachers train students with effective lessons, presentations, videos, group discussions and worksheets customized to the needs and requirements of each individual .Among numerous Language classes for English conversation in Pondicherry, Prestige Institute has an ubiquitous reputation with unique teaching methods and materials. After taking spoken English classes here, you’d find us as best spoken English Institute in Pondicherry.

According to the ethnology catalogue of world languages, there are 6909 living languages in the world, out of which English is the most spoken language. English is the native language of many countries. Some of them are Britain, U.S.A., Australia, etc and each of these countries has their own dialects. The dialect spoken by the Americans is called American English and the one spoken by the British is called British English.

There has been an increase in the demand of suitable candidates who have a strong command over the English language as it is the official language in many countries including India. Many prominent schools, colleges, MNC’s, private and government sectors operate in English. Therefore employers strongly prefer their employees to be well versed in English so that they are able to converse and present ideas in an efficient and succinct manner.

Many institutes offer classes, training and workshops to improve and teach language skills, grammar, communication skills for beginners, school and college students, business and corporate communication skills, corporate grooming, professional presentation skills for job seekers and working professionals; voice and accent training, spoken English – both American and British for those who wish to study or work abroad or to simply travel around the world.

Pondicherry is one of the beautiful cities in India, growing with highly educated population. As tens and thousands of graduates flock in the job market, spoken English becomes a necessary and crucial took to impress the interview panel and to get a nice job with descent salary. As we have fathomed a huge gap between the industry expectation on English quality and the actual value of the same in passed out graduates, we realized an imperative training on Spoken English is required.

This was the one of major reasons we have started our language Institute in Pondicherry few years back. Among scores of spoken English Institutes in Pondicherry, we can claim that we conduct best spoken English classes in Pondicherry. Our trainers are highly educated, skilled and good at reading student’s mind too. Theirs in depth knowledge in English language and expertise in teaching make the student to understand the language concepts from the very basic to the end.

We promise our spoken English classes will sharpen your communication skills and enhance your confidence level. In our spoken English Institute, we pay one to one individual attention, provide assignments to understand what is being taught, facilitate group discussions& mock interview, offer a chance to bring out your presentation skills.

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