Importance of English in Career

Even though we come across usage of spoken English of various forms across day to day activities, role of English in getting a dream job either it is private or a public sector one is inevitable. One can start to realize importance of English since the beginning of graduation. Even though our Nation India, has a diversified population with around 20 regional languages, English place a dominant role in official communications of government as well as private sector. English is recognized by union government of India as one of the official languages along with Hindi. Also one can score good marks in graduation only if the student has good command over written English as our medium of instruction in Education system is almost English only. Apart from written English a student can get through the test of reputed organization only if he or she has excellent command over English. Apart from technical expertise, corporates first check basic knowledge in English by objective or descriptive test. Once they are satisfied with written communication, they conduct group discussion which is a form to ascertain spoken English knowledge. Also even after joining in a dream job, English keep on playing crucial role in understanding and delivering assigned tasks. Especially team handling is almost impossible without effective English communication. As one moves in hierarchy ladder, English plays supportive role to demonstrate his / her leadership qualities. A nice vocabulary, right usage if idioms and phrases impress colleagues, subordinates and superiors. When managerial level professional meets a client who is stranger to him, English communication helps him to impress the client and to get new orders. Email communication and telephonic conversation also requires a nice English communication. In corporate world day to day formal meetings also ruled by English only. Prestige spoken English classes do well understand the role of English for a right career starting. So we have designed our courses accordingly.
How a better communication would help you to strengthen your career
Communication is very important in our life without communication there is nothing we can pass on to the world. Through the mode of communication we are able to convey our thoughts, feelings and emotions. There are different kinds of communication for example, communication have been split into two categories they are, verbal communication and written communication by these two means of communication various forms are emerged such as: telephone communication falls down into verbal categories, so as the technology for communication had made it easier for people to communicate through video chat face to face conversation with people we are able to convey our message in an effective as well as easy manner. When it comes to written communication we started with letters to convey our thoughts and that developed through technology that is “email” so, as we can see there are many ways to communicate but are we able to communicate properly, we need to help ourselves to improve in our communication like in a formal situations for instance, greeting people, how to talk in a workplace to sound smart and to convey our thoughts to your colleagues in a meaningful way. Communication plays a major role in your career, no matter what career you choose communication is like a need to be well equipped in each and every individual. In every corner of the world one needs to become better in communication in order to reveal his potential in his workplace so, in order to do that we need to first be confident and strong about what we are going to convey this helps the person that you are having a conversation to listen to you , it grabs their attention and then pronunciation helps you to develop the style of your speaking skills the more you start conversing in English the more fluency you would obtain all of these would enhance your development in your career .
Our spoken English classes in Pondicherry helps you scrutinize your mistakes in English communication and to mould yourself as a flawless and fluent English speaker. We can start with our interview skills, it is said that first impressions are the best impression so, when we walk into an interview we tend to have a lot of doubts and nervousness that we might make mistake but there are certain things that we need to carry in our mind for instance no matter how nervous you are greet the interviewer with a smile and then began to introduce yourself with a confidence while you introduce yourself there shouldn’t be stammering or you shouldn’t look elsewhere but the person who is interviewing you all this will help you to communicate, start your conversation in a more efficient way. Communication doesn’t only depend on the language based skill in order to develop the spoken manner how we communicate is also important. All over the world communication in English is required, to adapt to it we need to become comfortable communicating in English no matter where you work it is the most easy language that can be learnt and the most needed language no matter where you travel around the world what job you take the first skill they will require is you to be able to have a good communication, we must make ourselves to understand what we are saying our ideas and thoughts in an effective manner to the people and jobs like management,receptionist,assistant, or even working in a supermarket etc., needs a good communication skill to fulfill the job requirements that is put in before us .Good communication skill should be developed in each individual , that we may succeed in our career to make sure our efficiency is well defined through our communic

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