IELTS test advice

IELTS candidates are to be taught with nuances for scoring higher band of more than 7 in all the four modules such as listening, reading, writing and speaking as practice alone will not be sufficient for those who need band score of more than 7. Candidates needs to know the tips for not getting panic during the exam especially in the listening module as most of them panic when they miss one answer and eventually this will result in missing the subsequent answers. And considering the speaking module, students get panic when they don’t understand the question and therefore struggle to answer thereby not providing a relevant answer for the questions. This will make them get less band score of band 5 or less even if they are well versed in English fluency.
Candidates also should be relaxed while attending the writing module as they have to promptly reply to the question and should not get diverted. If they are tensed and if they panic, they will fail to do so and result in writing the answer directly without brainstorming and also allotting few minutes to check for errors. At Prestige institute, candidates are taught with various practice session for this and also with many props to not panic and thus make them achieve band 9 easily even in the first attempt. Candidates must make sure that they follow all the tips provided at the Prestige IELTS institute and also complete the practice set provided here before they sit for the exam.


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