IELTS Academic writing task one

IELTS Academic writing task 1 candidates who want to go for further and higher studies and also job seekers who want a profession in nursing tutor or school teacher as the country demands so for them. Task 1 is for twenty minutes and the words should be a minimum of 150, the candidates are advised to write a minimum of 160 words though. Here the candidate will be given an image which will be a bar graph, line graph, pie chart and a flow chart, following which; the candidate has to make an academic report by interpretation of those graphs, finding the maximum limit and minimum limit and differences between the values and forecast the trends after describing them.
At Prestige institute, we will provide many tips and tricks to achieve a band of 9 in this module with various practice tests and feedbacks. We strongly advice the students to avoid starting the report directly, instead can do the brainstorming part for five minutes at the least and then write the essay for fifteen minutes. Every type of graph has a specific pattern to be followed while describing it, which will make the reporting easy for the candidate. Introduction, body part and conclusion should be the part of your report, so three paragraphs will be written. Different vocabularies are to be used in introduction reducing the number of words which being exactly the same from the question. Finally, conclusion should not have any new points instead a summary of the body part of the report.


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