How to achieve band 9 in IELTS speaking ?

Achieving band 9 in IELTS speaking needs to know the band descriptors with which the examiner assesses the candidates speaking skills. Since it is not about knowledge, candidates can even make false statements but it should be grammatically correct with proper pronunciation and fluency without any fillers. There are four band descriptors in IELTS speaking, such as fluency where the candidate will be assessed for his speaking skill where he should use less filler and should not hesitate in English usage or choosing words. Secondly, they should concentrate on his grammar especially tenses as the speaking test may involve all the three major tenses,; along with that, sentence structure similar to writing tasks, also plays a vital role. All three can be used such as simple, compound and complex.
Thirdly, candidates should use rich vocabulary in their speaking; they should never take words from the question of the examiner unless or until they are of shortage of words. Finally pronunciation should be taken care, as it should not only be understandable, but also should be equivalent to native speakers, and regarding accent, any accent can be used by the candidate as IELTS welcomes it. Practice all the above four band descriptors with trained IELTS tutor like the one Prestige institute has which will surely result in band 9. Utilize the time of 1 minute provided during task 2 of the speaking for making notes. For all the above four band descriptors, coaching classes are provided at Prestige institute during the IELTS course. Due to which many candidates are benefitted by scoring band 9 in IELTS speaking.


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