Grammar Classes

Grammar classes

Grammar is very important for any language. Every language has its own grammar, unique to it. It is important to know the grammar of the language we use in order to convey our messages accurately. Grammar classes help beginners to understand the rules and usage of a language. English is one the most spoken language in the world. In order to learn to speak and write English correctly, one needs to know its grammar and its appropriate usage.

Prestige language institute offers grammar classes at various levels (school students, job-seekers, professionals, etc). There are different topics that cover the entirety of English grammar. They are

  1. Articles - are used instead to point out or refer to nouns. Ex. A boy, an orange, the sun.
  2. Nouns – are names of person, place and things. Ex. Patrick, Paris, pudding, pig.
  3. Pronouns – are words that replace a noun in a sentence. Ex. Lolita is a friend. She is a dancer.
  4. Conjunction – is a word that connects two or more words, phrases or sentences. Ex. Rishi, Tom and Fred are friends
  5. Preposition – is a word that refers to the position of the subject/noun. Ex. The river is under the bridge.
  6. Verbs – are action words that indicate the action of the subject. Ex. The sun rises in the east.
  7. Tenses – there are three tenses in English: Past tense (Ex. They gave presents.), Present tense (Ex. They give presents) and future tense (Ex. They will give presents)
  8. Direct and indirect speech – direct speech is quoted speech meaning, it is written or spoken in a form spoken by the speaker. Ex. Martha says, “I am busy.” Indirect speech is reported speech meaning, that when it is written or spoken it doesn’t have to be word for word as spoken by the speaker. Ex. Martha says that she is busy.
  9. Active and passive voice – in active voice the subject does the action stated by the verb ex. The cat caught the rat. In passive voive, the subject is acted upon by the verb. Ex. The rat was caught by the cat.
  10. Modal auxiliaries – are helping verbs that along with the main verb expresses the mood better. Ex. Be quiet (without M.A.); Do be quiet. (with M.A.)

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