Few tips on Official English communication

Making and receiving phone calls and e-mail as well needs some protocol to be followed so that it will be a formal and professional one and if it is informal call such as one made to our close circle – it would be very respectful for those on the other side. Starting from identifying yourself and maintaining the tone in your voice as well as in writing the e-mail till conveying and receiving complete information and ending the conversation, all needs some etiquette to be learnt and followed as it will leave us with complete professionalism. Conversations are to be clear and slow so that it is received correctly on the other side and the same to be followed while receiving information and during which no interruption should be form our side.
Mailing in English has some templates to be followed as a proper related and precise subject is to be typed in the subject part of the e-mail as this is the one which makes the receiver to click on it for reading and without ignoring it considering it as spam. Uppercase and lowercase of letters are to be used appropriately along with proof reading for spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors as well. Sentence could be complex but not more complicated as it may fail to make the receiver understand the intended message. Finally, the content of it should be as precise as possible instead of beating around the bush. At Prestige institute, training modules for these etiquettes has been a backbone for many successful entrepreneurs and employees as well.


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