Equipment needed for IELTS practice

Candidates who intended to practice at home or undergo online training at any institute, they need to sophisticated equipment to practice as they need fast internet to have a clear voice and image transfer including IELTS materials. Tutors will conduct speaking module through internet, and at the time the network should be uninterruptible, and should be fast else time will be wasted on both sides. They also should have speaker or head phone for practising listening module and along with it, they should have installed any media player to play the English transcripts as it is mandatory to play the files. The speaker and the headphone should eliminate noise and deliver a good quality audio to them as its then, they will be able to clearly hear and understand the pronunciation of the words.

For practising the reading module, the candidate has to install PDF reader or any IELTS software with which they can open the computer based IELTS mock test and also it’s the PDF reader which will help them to go through scanned version of the previous year question papers provided by the Prestige institute. Considering the writing module, the candidate even though would have installed the Microsoft word, it is highly recommended to use the notepad for typing the writing task 1 and task 2 as the former will have auto correction with which the candidate will not be able to improve their spelling and vocabulary. At Prestige institute, guidance for the entire above are provided so that the candidate can even purchase a news system entirely dedicated to practice the IELTS.


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