English for Group Discussion & Interviews

Communication is sharing or conveying messages to others via a medium. The message can be in any form such as verbal (written manner and voice messages), non-verbal (by actions or gestures, even body language and eye contacts), and art (otherwise can be called as a skill, like dance, painting, music, poetry and so on). What’s a medium then? Sure! Examples can be a direct face to face interaction, through telecommunication, voice messages, e-mails, postcards, video calling and many more.
In short, role of communication is to build a link between people by means of a language. To attain something in life, which can be a job opportunity, leadership, convincing people or for buying things, marketing, business, etc., knowing the language is equally important. In two such places where communication plays chief roles, they are group discussion and personal interviews. Spoken English classes are in a need to concentrate on career aimed interviews and group discussion.
Communication in Group discussion
Basically, from name itself it is clear that the terms define a conversation or exchange of ideas among few people on a certain specific topic. The theme will be provided by the HR or the choice maybe let to the participants. This can be on any daily issues or common subjects except political and unknown question. It includes few rules such as, use of common language i.e. English, involvement of every person in that group, body language, time management, a strong starting and an acceptable conclusion. In a short span, the performance of the candidates is judged.
Often, group discussion is considered as a part of job selection process in most of the reputed organizations. It relays about the cooperative sense and participation of a person within a group and also with the firm. Few characters that are revealed on conducting such discussion are leadership quality, logical thinking, smartness, respect to other participants and ability to listen and answer correctly.
Mostly, people who cracks the Group Discussion (is also referred as GD) are the one who possess good communicative skills that includes flawless language, boldness and strong attitude. Others can also adapt such qualities if revised proper practicing and trainings. Prestige spoken English classes organzies mock GDs and teach you how to respond to with interview panel members in an appropriate way.

Communication in personal interviews

The stepping stone to mark a position in any organization is to convince the Human Resource Manager (HR) through your point of views. In an interview, the candidate may face the challenge with one to five members in front of him/her. Possibly, the aspirant is given the freedom to introduce about self. Here, this is the starting impression. Your physical outlook and presentation, conveying skills, language usage and mannerisms are keenly noted. Being bold, confident and proving your flexibility to offer suitable response can also work well. In many situations, a company needs know about the attitude of the person, curiosity to learn or get skilled and competence to promote productivity at any given conditions.

In both the places of attending a group discussion and personal interview, it is crystal clear that the Role of Communication is at the ideal position. You can also take time to improvise yourself with the guidance of consultancies. Why this is recommended because, getting a job is just a starting step. While we attend spoken English classes communicative skills must be maintained stable and even progressed to attain promotions and reach the height.

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