Corporate Spoken English

Language is an important tool of communication. One needs to master the art of communication in order to gain success if he desires to attain success in any areas of life. Communication allows a person to convey his/her feelings, thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way. There are various types of communication – verbal and non - verbal. Verbal communication is nothing but speech. It is the most often used form of communication among people. Non – verbal communication includes gestures, body language and written language. both verbal and non – verbal communication plays a very important role in workplace environment.
English is the most used language throughout the world. Proficiency in English has become mandatory to acquiring a high pay job anywhere in the world. Proficiency in English is not limited to the use of proper grammar and vocabulary but also they individual’s ease in manipulating the language according to the situation. Corporate sectors have their own set of vocabulary and slang. One has to be aware and efficient in this in order to keep up and rise higher than their peers. English is required all over the world so, to adapt to it we need to first become comfortable with communicating in English. It is the easiest language that can be learnt and the most needed language no matter where you travel, or what job you take - the first skill they will require of you is whether or not you are able to communicate well in English. A well-spoken person always wins the crowd.
Spoken English aids a professional to get his message across correctly to his colleagues and employers. It is one of the most used forms of communication especially in corporate environment. This includes face to face conversations as in interviews, board meetings, conferences, project presentation, presenting a proposal, and also in phone conversations in which the speaker needs to be even more persuasive and excellent as he is not physically present to sell his point. In this case spoken language is the only tool in his arsenal.
The Spoken English course offered in this institute trains the candidate not only in the grammar of the language but also to use the language with confidence and efficiency. The course material is customized to suit the needs and requirements of the candidate by trained and experienced instructors.

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