Communication Skill

Communication is the process in which people convey their thoughts, feelings and ideas with each other and language is the key to all communication. Improving one’s communication skill requires proficiency in the language. The one skilled in communication can accurately convey their ideas to others. An effective communication is not about just using tough vocabulary and makes the audience clueless.

It’s about expressing the content in an easy way with minimum vocabulary so that even a layman understands. Communication skills provide an edge in Interview, group discussion, public presentation and one to one interaction. Now day’s parents are aware of the role of effective communication. That’s why they are looking for better communication training center while their children are in primary level itself. Quantum of knowledge may suffice to excel in career without an effective communication. Expression makes a visible and considerable effect on delivery of content.


Communication is a profound, skill based system. There are different kinds of communication that is, one can communicate through art such as music, dance, drawing etc but these cannot give the accuracy of a message that is to be conveyed as “language” does. Communication in language is the most prominent way for human beings to convey their thoughts and emotions. Learning to communicate through mails and telephones should also be well attained as it is essential for both our personal and professional life. All of us are well versed in our native language but sometimes problem arises when one native speaker cannot understand what the other speaker’s message that is communicated to him. Here comes a language that could be mutually understood by both the speakers who belong to different dialects. The mutual language used for communication is English language.

At first, one should not focus on the manner, the style we speak. Sometimes the pronunciation of words and sentences in English differs even from person to person. The most important factor in communicating using English is that, it should be understood with the right meaning by both the speakers. English is an acknowledged language all over the world; people are expected to communicate in English language wherever they travel in the world.

Communicating in English includes speaking confidently if one wants to learn to communicate in English efficiently. We should first be confident in our speaking only then we can converse and learn to communicate in English in an appropriate manner. In order to excel in communicating in English we should go through few changes, for example, our thinking pattern - we know that all of us think in our mother tongue and speak according to the language we are supposed to speak but good fluency in English can be attained only when we start to think in English, that is the message we want to convey to the other person. The easiest method to do this is we could think common day to day objects that we use such as vehicles, pen, umbrella, shoes, watches etc. in English. By this way we can remember in an easy way and converse in English gradually, when this takes place, constructing sentences will also become an easy task. When we speak at first, sometimes we might face a lot of grammatical errors in our sentences but that will subside slowly through practice when we continue to speak English on a regular basis. After mastering these basic skills the pronunciation and vocabulary can be developed through “imitation” and “observation” of the language. We are not the native speakers of English therefore we lack fluency so in order to make our communication in English better it is essential to imitate the native speakers of English - their slang, style and to observe their pronunciation; it also helps us to gain a new vocabulary which will make a good effect while we communicate . The fast and easy way to develop these skills is to start communicating in English. Thus all these levels mentioned above helps us to overcome our fears and anxieties when we communicate in English in our interviews, workplaces etc.

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