British English Vs American English

American English is a very popular type of English language that is being originally spoken by the people of United States of America. It is one of the vastly used kinds of English in all over the world. It has its own pronunciations and meanings, different from the other popular kind, the British English. They vary from each other, in different aspects, namely - accents, vocabularies, spellings, grammar and diction. In few cases, the meanings are the same but the words and their spellings totally differ. For example, an 'Elevator' in the US is called as a 'Lift' in the UK, similarly the word 'color' in American English is spelled as 'colour' in British English. Although, Americans started using English as their language only after the English and British colonisation of the Americas. 

                    Nowadays, though people speak various kinds of English of their native countries, they are yet becoming well versed in American English as well. For instance, In India the reason for the same is that, most of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are dealing with American companies, in handling their queries and sorting their issues, mostly via telephones. So, the employees learn American English in order to make it easier for their US customers to understand them. Also for reasons such as movies and television shows, that becomes quite easier for them to get along once they get used to the language. Thus, proving the point of the vast usage of the language around the globe. 

                    The process of learning to speak American English involves getting to know their in-depth methods and techniques in pronouncing the words in their accents, followed up by the choice of words to be chosen as being used, replacing other kinds of English words with American words. This can be achieved through proper training and practice from institutions that provide complete coaching in speaking American English fluently.


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