Benefits of IELTS

Even though, there are many English exams, IELTS tops the charts due to the fact that they are very easy, understandable and recognised by more number of universities and by immigration departments of many western countries around the world. This International English Language Testing System has many advantages for the candidates who practice it, as it will develop not only their English skills but also their knowledge about various departments of science, medicine, education and so on with respect to the western countries. It is because the articles they get in reading modules will be related to them and also the transcripts they get in listening especially in the session four would have been taken from any documentary. So these will improve their knowledge and also will leave them with new practices and techniques that prevail in western countries.
Registration process of IELTS is very smooth where the only document we need is the scanned copies of passport in electronic format; so that we can upload them easily. In addition to that results score card will be posted directly to the residence of candidate and also to the university he recommends irrespective of their location. This is due to the reason that some universities and immigration department demands sending the score card directly to them from the IELTS instead of the candidates doing so to avoid fraudulent practices. Prestige institute guides the candidates who enrol there, throughout the above process from registering for the exam till sending the certificates to the universities and receiving those score cards as well.


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