American English

English is one of the many world languages. Though it originated in the United Kingdom, it has been adopted as a native language of many other countries. One such country that uses English as its native language is the United States of America. Their dialect has a wide range of words that differ in their meaning and pronunciation from those of British English. For example, British English: deck of cards; American English: pack of cards.

As United States outsources scores of IT and non IT projects to other nation, those working on those projects need to understand the nuts and bolts of American English. Many customer support and Technical support call centers of our Nation are working for US in Insurance, banking, healthcare and networking domains. So these employees are in a position to train themselves to neutral accent of American people. Otherwise there will be a steep fall in theirs productivity. We do offer Voice & Accent training that is required by International call centers.

English is a world language. It first originated in England and spread out all over the world. It is the official language in many non – native countries including the United States of America. That being said, the English language has many dialects because it has been adopted and adapted by people from various geographical regions – both native and non-native. Let me try to make this easier to understand. Take Tamil for example: Tamil is the native language of Tamil Nadu. The original language is rarely spoken, even by the native speakers in everyday life. There are 32 districts in Tamil Nadu with different dialects in each. Say, the dialect spoken by the people of Chennai is called ‘Chennai Tamil’, the dialect of the people of Madurai is ‘Madurai Tamil’, the brahmans speak ‘Brahmin Tamil’, ‘Iyengar Tamil’, the people of Thirunelveli use the dialect called ‘Thirunelveli Tamil’. You get the idea…
Similarly, English has a number of dialects. The dialect used by the people of the United States of America. They differ from the British English in many aspects, a couple of which are, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Graduates and post graduates of professional courses who prefer to pursue their higher studies and career in foreign countries like America, especially in areas like medicine and engineering, need to be able to converse in American English. Sometimes it even becomes mandatory to pass certifying exams like ISLETS, GRE etc., to be admitted in the foreign universities. This is to ensure the standard of the students and their success both professionally and academically.
Prestige language Institute trains students to speak English with a perfect American accent. We have well trained and dedicated staffs to train students with presentations, videos and worksheets customized to the needs and requirements of the student.

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