Active & Passive Voice - Exercises

Each sentence given below is in the active voice. Change it into passive voice.
1. He sings a song. [Ans: Song is sung by him]
2. The boy killed the spider. [Ans: Spider was killed by the boy]
3. Vyasar wrote Mahbharatha
4. Farmers sow maize in the rainy season.
5. Are you writing a letter?
6. The workers were digging a canal.
7. I will finish the job by the end of this week.
8. Have you finished your job?
9. They have informed him of his mother’s death.
10. They took all the necessary precautions.
Change the active sentences to passive and passive sentences to
1. The thieves have been arrested by the police.
[Ans: Police has arrested thieves]
2. The marvelous performance delivered by the children enthralled us.
3. He has been invited to their party.
4. We have shipped your order.
5. The girl recited the poem beautifully.
6. The guests enjoyed the party.
7. The child impressed everyone with his polite manners.
8. A girl from Chennai won the first prize.
9. The readers like the latest book of the writer.
10. They are painting the walls.
11. The car has been fixed by the mechanic.
12. She accepted their invitation with pleasure
The following sentences are in simple past tense. Change the voice
1. Edison invented the first gramophone.
.[Ans: First gramophone was invented by Edison]
2. The cat drank all the milk.
[Ans: All milk was drunken by the cat]
3. They did not expect me.
4. Did you make a noise?
5. The teacher did not beat them.
6. They did not win the prize.
7. A thief stole my bike.
8. Alec cleaned the home.
9. Jenny wrote a letter.
10. When did he do his home task?
11. Where did you find the diary?
12. Which picture did you see last night?
13. Tom did not make a cake.
Change the below past continuous tense sentences to passive voices
1. He was revising his books.
[Ans: His books were being revised by him]
2. She was not plucking the flowers.
[Ans: Flowers were not being plucked by her]
3. Jenny was singing a song.
4. I was not running a race.
5. Was she giving a lecture?
6. She was not abusing them.
7. Were you not writing a story- book?
8. I was preparing his bike.
9. Why were you wasting your time?
10. What was Ruth doing?
11. Whom were you abusing?
12. Why were they plucking the flowers?
The following sentences are in past perfect tense. Change the voice
1. The little boy had broken the window.
[Ans: Window had been broken by the little boy]
2. I had lost my wallet. .[Ans: My wallet had been lost by me]
3. I had already taken this dish before.
4. Ruth had not noticed me.
5. I had lost the key.
6. The servant had not posted the letter.
7. Had he posted the letter?
8. Had Mark cleaned the room?
9. Why had you disturbed her?
10. What had you done?
11. Why had you torn the letter?
The following sentences are in simple present tense. Change the voice.
1. She gathers flowers. .[Ans: Flowers are gathered by her]
2. He helps the poor. [Ans: Poor is helped by him]
3. You do not keep your word.
4. When is your breakfast eaten by you?
5. Do you eat meat?
6. Why does he tell lies?
7. Whom do you want?
8. They expect good news.
9. Children like toys and dolls.
10. How do you wash your clothe?
11. Where does she keep money?
12. Which pen is liked by you?
13. Who teaches you?
14. This officer does not punish his juniors.
15. A lesson is learnt by me.
The following sentences are in present continuous tense. Change the voice.
1. She is watering the plants. .[Ans: Plants are being watered by her]
2. We are playing hockey. [Ans: Hockey is being played by us]
3. I am not running a race.
4. Jack is writing a letter.
5. He is being abused by them.
6. I am reading a poem.
7. Why is he being abused by you?
8. My mother is watching the T.V.
9. I am making a kite.
10. Sports are being watched by them.
The following sentences are in present perfect tense. Change the voice.
1. He has cleared the account. .[Ans: Account has been cleared by him]
2. Jack has read the book. . [Ans: The book has been read by Jack]
3. She has not stolen my pen.
4. Have you taken medicine?
5. Why have you wound the watch?
6. Who has torn this letter?
7. I have not finished my work.
8. She has passed the M.A examination.
9. Has Ruth spoiled your clothes?
10. Have you spent all your money?
The following sentences are in simple future tense. Change the voice.
1. Adam will help me. .[Ans: I will be helped by Adam]
2. He will help me with money. [Ans: I will be helped by him with money]
3. Jenny will buy a new phone.
4. The baby will break the toy.
5. Will he cook the food?
6. He will not steal the watch.
7. Why will he pay the bill?
8. What will you have for breakfast?
9. She will not iron her cloth.
10. Jack will not post the letter.
11. Why will she sign these papers?
12. We will catch the train.
The following sentences are in future perfect tense. Change the voice.
1. She will have read this book. .[Ans: This book will have been read by her]
2. We shall have done our home-task. .[Ans: Home task shall have been done by us]
3. She will not have abused me.
4. He will not have taken the test.
5. You will not have learnt the lesson.
6. He will have sold his house.
7. Will he have paid the bill?
8. Who will have broken the chair?
9. He will have milked the cow.
10. Ruth will have spent all the money.

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