Accent for IELTS speaking

There is a common assumption that accent plays a major role in IELTS assessment whereas on the contrary it is not. Accent is important only during the listening process as the candidate should have the ability to identify and understand the pronunciation of the words and letters played in the transcript. Some letters have pronunciation of phonetics especially letter ‘a’ will be pronounced in the manner of ‘i' which actually follows the pronunciation of ‘ai’. Candidates should be familiar with all these letters so that when a name is spelt during the transcript, they can write it correctly in the answer sheet else the word will be misspell and it would be marked as zero. Therefore the candidates should practice for the phonetics sound and need not worry about the accent whether it is British or Australian.
American and Canadian accent also has an influence in the speaking session is a wrong assumption by many exam goers, which is not true at all. Candidates can speak in any accent during the speaking module as the examiner will encourage it and will not demand for any specific accent as this is the test for English and not of accent or knowledge. Since the examiner will also be from the same country the candidate lives, accent does not play a major role and a normal speaking alone is expected during the session. At Prestige institute, tips and tricks to crack all these will be provided and explained clearly so that the candidate will gain the ability to score band 9 in the speaking module.


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