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Improving IELTS reading

Candidates who take the IELTS exam always have a perception that reading module is the toughest of all the four modules which is just an illusion as our candidates felt reading module as an easy one to score band 9. Reading module is usually practiced with the IELTS materials alone by the candidates and by various other institutes; this is where we stand unique. We generally provide students with many articles in English transcripts and make them read then later skim, and finally guess the meaning of some vocabulary for which they find hard to seek the meaning.

IELTS exam questions

Setting an IELTS question paper needs a formula and a methodology which should be strictly adhered to, whereas many IELTS question booklet available online does not follow these procedures. Listening test modules should have increasing order of difficulty which is similar for reading as well and both these modules should not start from difficulty level. Section of the former should have two or more speakers in first and second whereas only one speaker should be in the transcripts of the sessions two and four.

Tips for IELTS computer based test

Candidates prefer computer based IELTS because of the short time duration needed to receive the results which is five days where the paper based test takes a fortnight time in receiving the results. So following some tips which Prestige institute recommends will ensure that the candidate could score more than band seven in all the modules. Firstly, long time exposure to the computer should be trained for your eyes because during the exam, for more than two and half hours, you would be sitting before the computer straining your eyes.

IELTS listening - Map type questions

Candidates might get map type of questions in section 2 of IELTS listening test but luckily since it will have one speaker alone guiding through the map, they can easily follow and find the answers. Initially, the candidates should make use of the time gap given before the start of listening transcript, during which they should check the places mentioned the maps and consider them as landmark. After that, they can mark the direction of north east west and south so that while the transcription is played, they can easily follow them and find the places.

IELTS listening - Fill in the blank type questions

To get the answer correct in fill in type of questions, there are more strategies than listening alone; which will be discussed in this article. Firstly, the instructions are to be read clearly, it may mention one word only or one word and a number or a number alone. We should always adhere to this as if we fail to do so, we will be penalised for it. For example, if the answer is a year, it should be mentioned as 1944 and not in words if the instruction says one word or a number.

Supporting paragraph for the IELTS writing task one academic

Task 1 in academic writing will be a formal report on graphical representation of an image which can be a graph like bar, line or pie chart or a flow diagram. The formal report should be of 150 words and should be well organized with three paragraphs, out of which introduction and conclusion is a must. Then supporting evidence should be given in middle of it. Candidates should ensure that the body part of this task 1 academic is rich in vocabulary and full of different types of sentence structure.

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