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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Students and job seekers who wish to study and work abroad take this exam to prove their proficiency in English. IELTS exams are conducted by British Council and IDP – Australia as well, we're starting from the date of the examination, question paper till evaluation; everything will be similar based on the same procedure. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Western countries recognize this mode of examination to select the students and employees in order to confirm that they could sustain in an English speaking environment.

Why choose Prestige Institute for IELTS?

PrestigeInstitute, the most preferred IELTS Institute in Pondicherry, where the majority of the students have scored more than their required score. Flexible timings, in addition to the classes being handled by certified trainers of British Council and IDP – Australia, makes the institute in being the pinnacle of success. Fee structure, which is nominal, is completely used for training and conducting mock tests. Individual attention is provided for every candidate based on their profile. This is achieved by maintaining a small batch size. The cordial atmosphere and air-conditioned infrastructure are the additional attractive features of our Institute.

IELTS Categorization ( General & Academic)

IELTS test structure is Listening: 40 questions with 30 minutes of English audio transcript Reading: 40 questions with three sections of English passage Writing: Task 1: 150 words to be written within 20 minutes Letter writing for General Making a report from a given diagram for academic Task 2: 250 words to be written within 40 minutes Speaking: It has three parts Part 1: around six questions from our day to day life Part 2: Cue card task – One minute time will be provided for preparation regarding a topic which should be spoken for two minutes. Part 3: In third part the examiner will ask few more questions in depth related to the topic given for discussion in Part 2. It would be of four to five minutes duration.

IELTS General & IELTS academic

Candidates who wish to immigrate, apply PR and to apply for jobs needed to sit for IELTS General, whereas those who wish to pursue their further education and higher education has to take IELTS Academics. Writing task 2, listening and speaking are the same for both General and academic tests. But in writing task one academic candidate would be asked to analyze data of any of following items 1) Bar chart 2) Line graph 3) Pie chart 4) Table 5) Diagram whereas a General candidate has to write a letter of formal, informal or semi-formal type. IELTS Exam Date Information
Reading: Reading test of an academic candidate involves 1) three lengthy paragraphs with increasing in difficulty 2) Academic style texts (journal articles, textbook extracts) 3) contents pertain to academic background such as sociology, history and science whereas a General candidate has to go through four small passages with rising length and difficulty, everyday style texts, contents related to social atmosphere such as advertisements or notices etc. work environment such as description of a job, employment contracts etc; and general day to day life things like newspapers, magazines, etc. IELTS Scores IELTS scores are expressed in terms of the band from zero to nine. Candidates who didn’t attempt the test at all will be given zero whereas an expert user gets 9. 7 and above are considered as descent score whereas 6 can speak a little while choosing courses abroad. As one has higher score his/ her negotiating capability increases.

IELTS Band Score details:
  • Band - 9 Expert Expertise
  • Band - 8 Very Good Expertise
  • Band - 7 Good Expertise
  • Band - 6 Competent Expertise
  • Band - 5 Modest Expertise
  • Band - 4 Limited Expertise
  • Band - 3 Extremely Limited Expertise
  • Band - 2 Intermittent Expertise
  • Band - 1 Non Expertise

IELTSTest centers and Fee India has 42 IELTS test centers and the nearest one to Pondicherry is located at Chennai (Both British Council and IDP) where the test is conducted twice in a month on an average basis. Test fee Rs 12,650 and it may be revised year to year. Register for IELTS Test

Challenges of IELTS & tips to crack IELTS

Listening: Candidates get panic for which we provide the mock test in the same exam scenario Reading: Time constraint for which the Trainers train the candidates with tips to be followed Writing: Vocabulary and grammar, for which, candidates are well trained with specific templates suggested by the British Council and IDP – Australia. Speaking: Hesitations, for which oral fluency are practiced with various materials.


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