Reviewing answers in IELTS exam

Usually candidates use the last minute for all the four modules while taking the IELTS exam which is not recommended as they need to allocate few minutes at the end to check for errors in all the modules. Speaking module and listening module though being an exception, reading and writing module must have time for it. Listening module, here a duration of ten minutes will be provided to all the candidates for transferring the answers from question booklet to the answer booklet, during this time the candidates has to check for errors like spelling and also write the answers correctly in the slot of the answer numbers, and finally check for plurals.
Thinking of the reading module, the candidates should ensure that they could give a ten minute time at the end that is after 50 minutes of the reading test to check for spelling and other errors and also can go through the answers they found. Writing task 1 and writing task 2 of IELTS needs five minutes to be allocated at the after each task; so that the candidates can be able to check for errors such as punctuation, spelling and any grammatical errors. By doing this, they can increase their chances of getting higher score of more than band 7 in IELTS. At Prestige institute, we always recommend the students for these practices and also train them with many valuable tips of how to make use of this time and what kind of errors they could seek for.


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